*Northern Lights 9-7-17* Grand Forks, ND Photographer

I have been trying ACHING just to see the northern lights, let alone photograph them and it FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!  After a very full day of shooting, attending the world’s largest french fry feed, and subsequent fireworks, I grabbed my good friend, Kelly, and headed out of town (after stopping for hot fudge sundaes, of course). We sort of stumbled upon this location, and I think it is my  new favorite!

I have seen the auroras before from my back porch in town, but I have never managed to get out of town on the right night. When we got there you could see the glow, but nothing really happened for a while. Then all of a sudden… there were pillars, and then full blown lights! I have never witnessed ANYTHING like that before. The moon was one day past full, so it was lighting my foreground nicely. I even managed to get a shot of Kelly and I watching the lights using the moon to light us and a remote to trigger my camera!

I am told this wasn’t even a big show, but to me it was spectacular. I have a feeling I’ll be at it again.

This first shot is a University of North Dakota Aerospace plane making its way back to the airport after a night flight with the faint glow of the aurora in the background.

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